We help companies achieve results!

With our services we enable our clients to improve their processes and business models, get better insight in their business and above all achieve great results.

SASH reporting

Standardized report

Our innovative service of standardized reporting enables all companies (SMEs and also large enterprises) to receive professional grade reports without reporting and controlling system implementation hassle – and without any up-front costs and for reasonable price. Visit webpage SASH reporting for more information.

Customized reports

We offer our clients also preparing of customized reports which adjust to needs and features of individual companies and give the management qualitative information about business performance of individual departments, projects, products etc.

Number of companies that decide to outsource controlling is rising in the world. The biggest advantages that companies can get with outsourcing controlling are:

  • 10% lower total costs of the company
  • 50% shorter reporting preparation time
  • better forecast accuracy – forecast inaccuracy lowers for 20% – 30%*

We help our clients in a number of ways:

  • Clients are able to improve their process of documents entry in their system with our help in such way that their book-keeping data enables quality analysis. Employees of our clients can therefore be more efficient because they do not need to manage additional manual records.
  • We adapt to every individual client. We extract data from their IT system, process it with advanced knowledge and then present it in MS Office environment.  We transform large quantity of unstructured data in information reported in short and visual form. The form and structure of reports are adapted to particularities and needs of our clients.
  • We manage planning process for our clients in order to ensure that their plans are synced with reporting system and are always monitored regarding their fulfillment.

Management consulting

Start-ups, small, medium and also large companies – they are constantly presented with challenges in all areas of their business. We help companies with consulting services, which bring unburdened view from outside together with rich experiences from various industries and from practically all areas of business – from sales, business models, finances, marketing, to controlling, human resources, management, restructuring, fund raising, selling the company etc.

We adapt our services to every client – we can structure our services to cover all areas of client’s business or we can concentrate on only one area of business – as per client’s choice and need.

You can read more about us or simply contact us. We will be more than happy to respond.